Leave with us and live your dream...

What is a fishing trip?

take the plane or the car, arrive at your destination and start fishing in the hope of catching as many fish as possible,

possibly big ones to post on various social networks... yes, in many cases this is the most common answer, which in the end isn't even bad,

we start with the goal of a special capture and, hopefully, we come back satisfied, I've been there too,

I have made trips in which the main memory and the emotions I felt are linked only to catching a fish and nothing more;

this is a real shame, sometimes we go to wonderful places and we don't even know where we've been.

After many years of traveling far and wide, I realized that a fishing trip can begin and never end,

ever since the idea of leaving was born, it's nice to face the organizational preparation phases together, get to know each other before leaving,

to then share experiences and emotions, which will accompany us for a long time even once we return to everyday life,

this is the real goal of a fishing trip, even after months or years,

close your eyes for a few seconds and relive the dream...

For the 2024 fishing season, I have selected some itineraries, already personally tested over the years, destinations that all have in common the fishing technique we love the most:

classic fly fishing, dry fly, nymph and medium light streamer.


Austria del sud

Temoli, trote iridee, trote fario, salmerini e Hucho

Galles del nord

Temoli e trote fario

Argentina Patagonia del nord

Trote fario, trote iridee, perca patagonica

Canada - East British Columbia

Trote cutthroat, bull trout, trote iridee, kookanee, Rocky mountains whitefish 


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