Fishing, a common thread that unites 3 generations

… have fishing in your blood. My name is Alberto, when I was a child, my grandfather had already been fishing for at least half a century,

I looked forward to when he returned with my father from his very frequent fishing trips in any river in Northern Italy and Austria,

this is where my love for fishing and for Austria was born, my adopted country since 2001. With my family we opened a fishing lodge,

then it became a hotel and that's where I started taking the first customers fishing,

first in the lake, then on the river with natural baits and then later also with fly.

After the first steps taken in Austria I also began to accompany abroad, as soon as I turned 18,

2001 Mongolia was my first fishing trip followed by a legendary expedition on the then unknown Lake Baikal in Siberia,

then Ireland, Serbia, Canada, Sweden, Cuba, Cape Verde, Venezuela, USA, Wales, Argentina and finally Scotland...

My first fish was a bleak at the age of 3...

Over the years I have met hundreds of fishermen from all over the world, I consider myself lucky to have had teachers

real fishing legends of the past such as:

my grandfather Francesco Gargantini, Berno Schober, Francesco Palù, Luciano Maragni, Natalino Costa, Roberto Pragliola, Eugenio Pataccini

but also of the present:

my father Adriano Gargantini, Roberto Ripamonti, Alberto and Marica Salvini, Osvaldo Gilli, Massimo Ginanneschi, Franta Hanak, Sandro Soldarini, Roberto Trabucco, Antonio Pozzolini, Milo Colombo, Jacopo Falsini, Pietro Sampietro,

"The Grayling Fisherman"

When we face a stream,

whether it's our home river or a completely new river

You don't need to have everything, you just need to have the right things.

Here in the workshop of “The Grayling fisherman”

you will find what you are looking for,

a selection of USEFUL items for fly fishing and not,

to the construction of suitable lures

and PATAGONIA clothing

to combine functionality and style.

Also a selection of my favorite flies,

dry flies and nymphs tested over the years and personally built,

on Hanàk hooks without barb and with top quality materials.


Of course, if you have any special requests,

on products, sizes, etc. which are not yet available on the site,

or simply want to ask for advice,

write to me, I will do my best to satisfy you.


Alberto Gargantini

When the last tree has been cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, you will realize… that you cannot eat money. Standing bear. Sioux

Il rispetto della natura è una nostra priorità, “The Grayling Fisherman” è un negozio ecosostenibile, per contrastare l’impatto ambientale utilizziamo imballaggi riciclabili al 100%.

“The Grayling Fisherman” supporta il catch and release e si impegna attivamente alla salvaguardia del temolo.

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