I was born into a third generation fishing family, I love fishing and the contact with nature that comes with it, I particularly like fly fishing for grayling and trout.

The numerous fishing trips around the world and the frequent outings with local guides have allowed me to accumulate the baggage of experience necessary to
carry out my job as a fishing guide.

I organize holidays and fishing days in Austria, exclusive fishing experiences in the best private reserves in Carinthia and Upper Austria.

I also collaborate with some fishing lodges abroad and I accompany fishing groups in Canada, Argentina and Wales

Offered services:
- Guide, accompaniment and assistance

- Languages spoken: Italian, German, English, French and Spanish

- Basic casting and construction courses, perfecting courses, shoal and nymph

- First aid certificate year 2022

- Fly fishing equipment included

- Car and transfers

- Equipped boat and electric motor for lake fishing

- Tailor-made day for 1 to 4 people

- Picnic lunch on the river

- Fishing shop, flies, etc.

- Always up to date on river conditions

- Competence and professionalism guaranteed by over 20 years of experience in the sector

Specialized in fly fishing for grayling and trout

also available for other techniques both in river and lake, also Hucho fishing and personalized outings.

30 years of fishing experience
- I.G.F.A. certified professional guide

- Professional guide A.I.G.U.P.P.

- I.G.F.A. Representative Austrian Trophy Club

- Official I.G.F.A. weight station

- Ambassador for Austria of the Italian Fly Fishing School

- Founder of the Grayling Trophy Club

- Basic throwing instructor

- Member of the Italian Fly Tier Association

- Manager of 3 reserves and a fishing lodge in Austria

- Collaborator of the Larapinta ranch in Canada and of the Villa Meliquina Lodge in Argentina

- Collaborator of the fishing magazines "Fly fishing and spinning" and "H2O Magazine"

- Member team Hanàk Competition

- Holder of 2 I.G.F.A. world records

- Individual winner of the Hanàk European Grayling Festival 2021 in Wales


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